Kate has been actively participating in MOVEMENT PRACTISES since the age of 5

...from BALLET and TAP DANCING through to MARTIAL ARTS in multiple disciplines and has been a part of the health fitness industry from the age of 17, and became a PERSONAL TRAINER after completing a SPORTS SCIENCE DEGREE.

A few years into teaching clients Kate became aware of how much our thoughts and emotions impact us and subsequently trained as a COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL HYPNOTHERAPIST.

Kate continued her mind body studies and qualified in SATRIA YOGA, SOMATIC MOVEMENT, BIODYNAMIC MASSAGE and is currently training as a BODY PSYCHOTHERAPIST.

She uses all of these skills in her own unique methods, helping people improve their minds and bodies in all aspects including FITNESS GOALS, ADDICTION RECOVERY, WEIGHT LOSS, CONFIDENCE, ANXIETY, BODY IMAGE, INJURY RECOVERY.

Kate has taught, presented and run workshops throughout the UK and Internationally on STRESS MANAGEMENT, HEALTH and WELL-BEING at retreats, rehabilitation centers, domestic abuse charities, corporates and sports clubs.

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