Chiron’s Journey

It’s not often you find yourself at an ashram in the Bahamas, but when the opportunity comes, you’d be hard pushed to,turn it down. So here I am, on paradise island. A client and friend asked me to come at a weeks notice with the intention of training and building a business network for some stuff we have planned for this year. Two days in and it’s very apparent that although this place is full with holiday goers, it’s also a place where people in general have a happier disposition. Is it the weather, the beautiful surroundings? Possibly both have something to do with it, but mainly, the pace of life here is slower. People are taking their time to just be. I’m not suggesting that this can only happen in the bahamus, I’m suggesting that the environment is bringing out a natural side to human nature, one of being in the moment, not thinking of yesterday or tomorrow, just the now.

I’m observing what people do differently here with the intention of building these principles into my coaching program’s. The real skill for those of us who don’t have the beach on our doorstep is to embody the mannerisms as if we did, and enjoy the sunshine be it there or not.

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