Every so often, we have those moments where things seem Very clear

Almost as if you’re shocked, that things that are now so obvious, before were veiled in denial.

It can be an exciting time, but it can be a sad time too. Often waking up to things can mean moving on from situations and people that you might not be prepared to say goodbye too.

Other people may also not be happy to let you go, but ultimately, it’s your life, and the road you walk cannot be through anyone else. When we get to our last breath, we will look back and think of all we did, the opportunities we took or didn’t, the words a stranger said that changed our life, the passing kindness of a friendly smile, the openness of our hearts. Did we love with all we had, did we jump into our fears and surf the waves of whatever turns life’s currents took? I know my last breath will be a content one. I know what pain is, I know what love is, I know what fear is, I’ve danced with my demons and stayed up all night with my dreams. What makes us human is to really know what it is to be alive.