Personal training sessions can be outside, at your home or at selected local gyms.

Each session has variety whilst bringing you closer to your goal, wether that’s improving posture, losing weight, toning up, recovering from injury or general well-being for example.

Kate  uses her 13 years of experience of personal training combined with hypnotherapy and other body therapies to help clients remove emotional blocks that have been limiting them in achieving their goals.

Kate’s current studies in body psychotherapy broaden her knowledge and understanding of how the mind and body both need to be considered in any training goal, and so she designs bespoke intergrative holistic programs to suit individual needs.

Kate has qualifications in kickboxing, strength and conditioning, kettlebells, yoga, somatic Movement, Biodynamic massage, body psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

She works with individuals and groups, and holds workshops for large corporations, survivors of domestic abuse and athletes.

She is currently expanding her skills and interests in the mind body connection by training in body psychotherapy.

Areas covered





All areas include a 15 mile radius, contact us to see if your area is covered