‘ Identity is a constantly changing and expanding manifestation of spirit. Without it, our power is too diffuse, but if we cling to it, we become limited’
Are you feeling stuck?
Have you lost your drive?
Are you anxious and underperforming?
Have you had enough of feeling limited?
Do you know there’s more to life but don’t know how to access it?
Perhaps you just don’t know who you are or what you could actually achieve in life?
Maybe you’ve had a set back?
Lost your job?
Perhaps you had childhood experiences that you feel impact you in adult life?
Have your children left home and you now feel a lack of purpose?
Identity coaching can help.
Uncovering your core self
By identifying your blocks
Working through emotions that keep you stuck
Challenging and reframing beliefs that don’t serve you anymore
Bringing to life your potential
The process
Your initial consultation deep dives into your life so far.
Together we explore how you got to this point and all the strengths and challenges along the way.
From here we decide the treatment plan, and the journey has begun .
You may benefit from weekly sessions for a set time frame, or longer breakthrough sessions lasting a few hours at a time.
Kate uses her knowledge of the body and mind to also make practical lifestyle recommendations where needed, to trusted collaborators such as nutritionists, hormonal profiling specialists and fitness professionals.
This ‘no stone left unturned’ method ensures that the changes you make are embedded into the areas of your life that are most important.
Kate deeply understands the process of transformation and that all change needs support, structure and commitment.
She is available to help you now.
Are you ready?
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