Somatic movement is a sequence of movement techniques, specifically aimed to address habitual muscle imbalances from injury, stress, trauma and other health conditions. It helps to restore health and vitality, which allows us to experience the ability to feel calm but also to maintain higher energy levels.

The somatic movements lengthen tight muscles at a neurological level, allowing the body to restore healthy muscle tone and function.

Through sedentary lifestyles and stressful experiences, more tension can build in our muscles to the extent of losing sensation of those muscles and the ability to release them, which causes changes to our posture and in turn our psychological state. Chronic tension can lead to a variety of conditions including raised blood pressure, anxiety, depression, IBS and pain.

Pandiculation is a process of Somatic movement which retrains those held stresses and accesses the neurological limitations in your body. It is unique in its ability to give you a set of skills in which you can continue to remove tension from your body with your own practice.

The movements are simple yet powerful and suitable for any level of experience or ability.


Sessions are either in the comfort of your own home or online.


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Somatics can help with common health complaints such as:


Stiff or painful joints

Poor posture

Breathing problems

Impaired movement

Accident trauma

Whiplash effects

Back pain

Repetitive use/stress injuries

Physical impact of stress