Combining physical and mental challenges have real results. Read about some of of our many happy, changed clients!


Kate has spent the last 10 months training us weekly. We are a mixed bag – age wise and fitness but Kate’s knowledge and passion has enabled her to tailor our workouts to ensure we each get the most from each session. It changes constantly and has increased our strength and stamina to levels I don’t think any of us thought we had! Personally, I like the variety in each session – I didn’t even know there could be so many burpees.

At times some of us have had injuries or problems that have meant that we were restricted in certain exercises but Kate has always been able to offer alternatives plus advise on how to overcome the injury safely and quickly not to mention preventing it occurring again with the use of specific exercises.

Through training with Kate I certainly feel fitter, stronger and healthier. She works us hard but its always fun – we have even increased to two days per week so it must be good!

Beauty specialists, Hurtmore

The Fountain Beauty Therapy

Kate was excellent in motivating my two teenage daughters and her knowledge, help and advice encouraged them to develop regular exercise routines and healthy eating regimes. She introduced them to a real variety of different ways to keep fit carefully designed for their age: the girls really looked forward to their sessions with Kate and had so much fun. Her backup via email and phone sustained their motivation and her dedication to their well-being was impressive. I would certainly recommend Kate’s services to anyone!

Miss Staford

Like many people I had a real issue with my body from an early age, add that to all the new fad diets that were around, it’s safe to say that I also had a real love/hate relationship with food, the result an eating disorder and then being overweight!! I started training with Kate about two years ago and have lost the 2 stone I wanted to, dropped 3 dress sizes and have kept the weight off! Kate is focused on teaching you how to lead a healthy lifestyle that will stay with you for the rest of your life. During our training session I felt pushed and supported, she knew when I needed to be pushed to my limit and knew when I needed to be encouraged as I felt down. Though sometimes it is tough I always really look forward to our sessions, I know im going to get a great workout and have great laugh with a great girl!!!

Miss Wright

Human Rights Regional Advisor

The transformation I have seen since undertaking cognitive hypnotherapy has been nothing short of miraculous. When I started the sessions, I was incredibly skeptical about the efficacy of it, but now having finished the treatment I can see how extraordinary it is. I chose to take the process to battle life long food issues, and not only has it completely transformed my eating habbits, but I’ve also lost 13ilbs in the process without going anywhere near a diet – which from someone who has tried every diet under the sun is quite amazing. To top it off Kate is fantastic, her manner and voice are so calming that I immediately felt at ease from the first session. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kate, in fact I already have!

Mrs Wookey

Make up artist

Kate taught me kickboxing for over a year and in that time I found her teaching method to be totally focused on my current growing ability. Kate saw what my strengths were and developed these quickly, but alos spent time explaining, demonstrating and helping me achieve the things I found more difficult, while always focusing on making my style and transitional moves as neat and tidy as they could be, while making them effective and powerful. This teamed with her knowledge of nutrition and conditioning saw me progress further than I could have imagined in the shortest space of time.

Mr Kerry

Graphic Designer

Training with Kate is both enjoyable and productive. She is a great motivator and can tailor sessions to individual requirements, whilst keeping you informed of the reasoning behind the way the work-outs are structured. The training is tough, but Kate is so encouraging that you know you are achieving something and you can quickly see results in terms of building strength and optimising body shape. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate as a Personal Trainer.

Mrs S Jones

IT consultant

I started with Kate at the beginning of the year with a goal of 5 months time to lose weight and shape up, she has introduced me to a new way of training outside the conventional gym/ classes and diets that I had done previously. I now have much healthier diet along with being fitter and stronger.

I’ve discovered muscles I didn’t know existed and doing more than I thought possible! Kate is great at explaining the reasoning behind the technique and has helped with old injuries, her advice on nutrition is fantastic. I really enjoy the variation of the sessions from kettlebells, weight lifting and boxing to name a few. During the training sessions Kate is really good at encouraging and pushing me to my limit, I walk out knowing that I have had a good workout and looking forward to the next one.


Kate, thank you so much. I love our PT sessions. With my existing injuries I thought it would be difficult to train let alone see any significant improvement in my fitness. But with your personalised approach tailored specifically to me and my needs it’s worked wonders. You’ve kept our sessions varied and interesting, so it’s continued to remain fun. Regardless of what day I’ve had I’ll always feel better after one of our sessions. I love the way that you lead by example too and you’ve opened my eyes to new ways of training, ways that just ‘work’ for me… It’s so easy to recommend you and your services Kate, so if you would like to use any of this as a testimonial please do. Once again, thank you


I’ve been lucky enough to have had a ‘drip-feed’ of support and advice from Kate over the past few years, and have consequently achieved more than I realised I was capable of, physically and emotionally. I’ve moved from a place of little confidence in my abilities to a much better understanding of myself and what I want. What works for me is gentle encouragement, someone who believes in me and a holistic approach; because even though physical strength and agility are a massive bonus, if you don’t feel strong inside you won’t achieve what you set out to do. So thank you Kate for believing in me!


I have had Kate Jones as a PT for over 2 years now and cannot express fully what a difference my weekly time has on both my physical and emotional state. As a mum of two, with limited motivation Kate has given me the tools to focus on finding ways to regularly exercise no matter many barriers there may seemingly be! She has gone above and beyond the role of PT, discussing workouts for my own times and regularly monitoring my progress. Kate has helped me totally change my mindset regarding exercise, I have never got enjoyment from sport but I genuinely get a total buzz from our weekly sessions and a total sense of achievement. She has the ability to push me to my limits but without totally breaking me!!! In terms of technique, having 1:1 sessions are invaluable for improving and fine tuning the skills involved in each exercise.

The exercise is only part of what I gain from my PT sessions. I have also received cognitive therapy support to help with a difficult time in my life after being involved with my family in the earthquake in Japan. I am much more aware of the reasons behind my anxieties and how to cope when challenges arise. There have been times when I have felt that my mindset has tangibly changed during my session and certainly Kate has made a significant difference to my confidence, stress levels and happiness.

On a practical note, Kate is approachable and professional at all times. She has made an enormous difference to my fitness levels, confidence, motivation and self-awareness. I cannot express enough thanks to her for all she has done and would highly recommend her without hesitation.


Having tried traditional yoga practice a few times, it’s never really resonated with me, as unfortunately I’m not naturally a bendy or stretchy type. My attitude towards yoga changed when Kate introduced me to the practice of Satria Yoga, as a form of conditioning, to complement the rest of my training programme. Focussed on increasing and improving my strength, mobility, balance and mental focus, it’s unlike anything I have practiced before. I see and feel its positive effects “ both physically and mentally “ and I love the fact it comes from a martial art and the postures can have practical uses such as self-defence. Kates extensive knowledge and experience and her teaching methods and manner make her a joy to train under. She constantly inspires and motivates and has a no-nonsense approach, focussed on improvement and positive change.

Ms Bathersby

I started yoga with Kate at chiron transformation three months ago. After having practiced various different martial arts for six years now i have been looking for ways to improve myself. Since starting, i have noticed a vast improvement in my flexibility, balance and core strength, also in my peace of mind. The deep mind to body connection is incredible.

I also had a sports injury which seems to be almost cleared up, which i believe is a result of working deep muscle tissue through yoga.

Kate, is a very insightful, respectful and compassionate trainer, I am very grateful for her wisdom and guidance. I recommend her classes to anyone looking to improve all levels of fitness.

Mr Alder

I started going to yoga classes after long term illness in order to improve my fitness and regain my balance and core. Kate is an inspirational teacher who takes time to make sure that people gain the most benefit from her classes which are a dynamic form of yoga. Most of all she makes them enjoyable and actually it doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

Mr Lane